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Welcome to Isabelle Fuhrman Web at, your best 24/7 Source for everything Isabelle Fuhrman. Isabelle is best known as Esther from 'Orphan' and as Clove from 'The Hunger Games'. Here you will be able to find the great quantity of information, photos, videos, news and a lot more about the actress. Here is a fact of fans for the fans. Here is NOT an official page neither do not we have contact with Isabelle. Contact with the Webmistress Mila: Email - Read FAQ

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The Between
Adventure, Drama
Year: 2012
Role: Michelle
Status: Pre-Production
Release Dates: Here
More Info | Photos | Official | Imdb

After Earth
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Year: 2013
Role: Rayna
Status: Pre-Production
Release Dates: Here
More Info | Photos | Official | Imdb

Horror, Thriller
Year: 2013
Role: Unknown
Status: Pre-Production
Release Dates: Here
More Info | Photos | Official | Imdb

The Wilderness of James
Year: 2013
Role: Val
Status: Pre-Production
Release Dates: Here
More Info | Photos | Official | Imdb

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